A fresh approach to enable local energy markets

Helping you to make a positive impact through energy.

Why Our Energy

For much of the last century, communities have faced restricted choice, control and transparency over who their energy is shared with.

Our Energy is changing the way clean, local energy is traded. We’re passionate about creating a world where community-driven energy is affordable, reliable and sustainable for all.

The past

the past

All about big power stations and delivery of their energy.
The future

the future

Thousands, millions of small power stations and sharing of our energy.

How we're different

We provide an online platform that matches real-time data from those producing their own electricity with others in their communities.

With us, your energy community is made up of people who could benefit from consuming your energy. Family, friends or neighbours – it’s up to you.

Key benefits

More choice, control and transparency​

Better rates for locally matched energy​

Energy becomes personal and community oriented​

Establish your community as a leader for an energy future that is rapidly changing​

What people say

Marcus community user

Our family is generating energy via solar panels since 2010. Just like the excess veges from our garden, it’s great to sell our own energy to our community, instead of just sending back what we don’t use into the ‘anonymous’ national grid.

Marcus, Community organisation representative
Wiremu farm user

We hope that the establishment of a local small-scale generation ‘farm’ using renewable sources will create a reliable, resilient, and sustainable source of energy for our community. It’d be great if our locally produced energy can benefit the community.

Wiremu, Farmer

Choice and transparency of information is very important to me, particularly from the corporates. Now I can see who I’m buying my energy from and, once I’ve installed solar myself, it will be great to make a regular gift to someone who might have fallen on hard times.

Jo, Public Servant

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