Why Our Energy?

Increased levels of clean, locally generated electricity and rapid technology change mean that generators and users want better and fairer solutions for their power. Energy companies need fresh approaches and clear differentiation opportunities, as their customers begin to enjoy more choice and control than ever before. The risks and impacts of climate change are heightening the imperative for communities to make sustainable energy decisions.

Power shift

Our Energy is a Wellington, New Zealand based start-up venture with a vision of putting communities at the heart of the cleaner and more local energy systems that are rapidly evolving all over the world.

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A sweeter way

Our Energy's Lemonade® provides a simple, accessible and transparent digital experience enabling people to buy, sell and gift clean, local energy within their communities.

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The times, theyare a changin'

We're proud and privileged to have participated in the smart grid technology mission led by Callaghan Innovation to the United States in September 2016.

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